Aluminum Louvres and Screening

Kiss Pivot Louvres & Shutters

The Kiss Pivot System is used to operate our mini to mid sized louvre blades.

LouvreTec’s Hand Adjustable Sun Louvre Systems provide the benefits you get from fully adjustable systems but it’s all done without the use of a motor.

  • Use in and outdoors.
  • The Kiss hand adjustable systems operates the louvre blades of LouvreTec’s range of Shutters.
  • If you have an existing opening already a hand adjustable Sun Louvre system can be retro-fitted.
  • Security is achieved when you use the Kiss Pivot system due to it’s Slidelock.
  • Due to a hidden wool-pile strip blades do not rattle.
  • Beautiful, elegant design.
  • Enjoy wider spanning capabilities.

Louvreline Sun Louvres

Louvretec’s range of Sun Louvres are all encompassing – starting from a small 40mm wide blade and going right through a range of larger sizes, finishing with the 600mm wide Sun Louvre Blade.

Made from aluminium our Sun Louvres are strong and also versatile with what you can do with them.  Popular applications include Sliding louvre panels, adjustable privacy screens, chimney cowls and aluminium vehicle gates.

Our Sun Louvres are compatible with a number of our special drive systems letting them be motorised, hand adjustable, bracket fixed or end fixed in place.

Bracket Fixed

If you do not wish for your Louvre Blades to be fixed in to a frame then Bracket fixing is for you.

Bracket Fixing lets the Sun Louvre blades continue past the ‘back-of-blade’ fixing with the result being a free-floating effect.  Lovely long runs of continuous Louvre Blades can be achieved.  You decide the permanent angle of which the Louvre blades are set to.

  • You choose the permanent angle the Sun Louvres will be installed at.
  • You can Bracket Fix Sun Louvres in horizontal, vertical or overhead positions.
  • LouvreTec’s entire range of Sun Louvre sizes can be Bracket Fixed in to place (except the 40mm mini blade).
  • Unbroken runs of louvre blades are acheived when you Bracket Fix.
  • Contemporary design provides for neat aesthetics for your home or building.
  • Bracket Fixing offers sun, privacy, glare and heat control.
  • Choose from a wide range of powdercoat or anodised colours anAvailable in a large range of colours including powdercoat or anodised finish
  • Choice of frame
  • All LouvreTec products are engineered  and backed with a LouvreTec product warranty.
  • Authorsied network of LouvreTec Dealerships are located countrywide
  • LouvreTec’s Maintenance department provides after sales service.
  • LouvreTec’s Sales team offer no obligation site visits and quotes.
  • Installation of product is by highly trained LouvreTec Installers.

Spiral Pivot

We want you to enjoy your setting.  Enjoy the functionality of LouvreTec’s fully automated Motorised Louvre Systems.

Like you, we appreciate a customised approach so we have three Motorised Systems available for you to select from for your project which are the Spiral pivot system, the Frameless Pivot system or the Direct Drive system.

Fully automated Sun Louvre Systems by LouvreTec really let you enjoy your home or building – effortlessly.

  • Motorised Sun Louvre Systems rotate the louvre blades which lets you control the conditions.
  • Sun Louvre blades are fitted with a wool-pile closing strip that is hidden, this results in rattle free operation and soundless closing.
  • With just a touch of the button you will improve the functionality of your home or building.
  • Sun Louvre systems provide light, ventilation, sun, shade and temperature control.
  • Sun Louvre systems by LouvreTec are perfect for commercial buildings that have glass panels requiring sun protection.
  • The operating system used is the award winning Spiral pivot system – this is tucked away out of sight.
  • Choose from a LouvreTec range of frames.
  • All LouvreTec products are engineered and come with a LouvreTec Product warranty.
  • LouvreTec is available country wide.
  • LouvreTec has a Maintenance department for after sales service.
  • Our Sales team offers no obligation site visits and quotations.
  • Installation is by fully trained LouvreTec Installers.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose a LouvreTec Louvre Roof?

  • This style of Opening Roof has economy in mind.
  • Each louvre blade is 200mm wide.
  • Control conditions as you choose by rotating the blades through 180 degrees.
  • Larger spans are achieved due to the convex curved louvre blades.
  • Rattle-free, silent closing is experienced due to a hidden wool-pile strip that fits on to the louvre blades.
  • Ventilation when the blades are open.
  • Rain sensors can be fitted to this style of Opening Roof.
  • Fully automated.
  • LouvreTec louvre roof products enhance the aesthetics of your project.
  • Enjoy functional indoor-outdoor living.
  • Enjoy winter sun while sitting under your Suburban Direct Opening Roof.
  • Benefit from privacy, sun, heat and shelter control.
  • Choose from a large range or either powder coat or anodised finishes, textures and colours.
  • Choose LouvreTec aluminium frame for your Opening Roof to sit on, or alternatively we can insert the Opening Roof in to a frame of your choice. (Frame is additional to the cost of the Opening Roof.)
  • All LouvreTec products have been engineered.
  • Installation is by fully trained LouvreTec Installers.
  • LouvreTec Dealerships are located nationwide.
  • All LouvreTec products are backed by our product warranty.
  • After Sales service is available through our Maintenance department.
  • Our Sales team offer no obligation site visits, design ideas and quotations.

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