Pergolas of Distinction is proud to be Louvretec’s licensed dealer for Adelaide, South Australia. We offer a comprehensive design, supply and install service for all our customers.

The exclusive range of “Louvretec Coastal Shutters”provides a home or building with a flawless smooth system and has been designed to operate in the harshest of conditions. Louvretec Shutters offers a wide range of design options.

Custom made to meet the most demanding design and performance criteria, including your precise requirements. The Louvretec Shutters range provides homes or buildings with designer aesthetics and functionality. It offers a highly effective sun, weather and privacy screen solution.

Louvretec Shutters are constructed from high-grade aluminum and stainless-steel fixings allowing for longevity and versatility with each design application.

The Louvre Shutters are manufactured from commercial grade powder coated or anodized aluminum. All sliding bi-folding or hinged componentry have completed extensive corrosion resistant testing and are constructed using 300 series steel, with componentry die-cast in 316 marine grade.

The huge range of Airfoil and Rectangular Blades available. Starting from a small 70 mm wide blade with various optional sizes, finishing with the 180 mm wide Louvre Blades.

Sliding, Bi-folding, Hinged Shutter systems for doors and windows

Sliding Louvre Shutters vary considerably from glazed aluminum joinery sliding doors. Glazed aluminum joinery doors generally fit within four sided outer frame with the glass assisting with the bracing or the sliding panel. Sliding louvretec shutters are generally fit to the outside of the building, deck or within a prepared opening and as such only have top and bottom tracks and guides.

Selection options for Sliding Shutters and Windows

  • Coastal 120 Top Hung Sliding Shutter and Window
  • Coastal 250 Top Hung Sliding Shutter and Window
  • Coastal 80 Bottom Rolling Sliding Shutter
  • Coastal 200 Bottom Rolling Shutter

Selection options for Bi-folding Shutter and Windows

  • Bi-folding Coastal 25
  • Bi-folding Coastal 100

Selection Options for Hinged Doors

  • Standard Hinged Doors – max 2200 mm (h) x 900 mm (w)
  • Heavy Hinged Doors – max 2500 mm (h) x 900 mm (w)
  • Ultra Welded Hinged Doors – max 3000 mm (h) x 1300 mm (w)


  • Designed specifically for the harsh Australian conditions
  • Ability to control the sun and temperature at you command
  • Reduce direct sun light and glare
  • Reduce Energy demand
  • Option of either Airfoil or Rectangular shaped sun louvre collections
  • Choose of options for louvre blade width
  • Suitable for residential & commercial projects
  • Engineered to meet the most demanding requirements
  • Available Kiss Pivot System
  • Available End Fixed
  • Drive systems concealed out of sight
  • Structural sub-frames and sliding options for Shutter louvers
  • Louvretec also has a range of screening and ventilation grills available

End Fixed Louvre Infills for Coastal Shutters

All Louvretec sun louvres can be end fixed and all have internal screw fixing ports which allows the blades to be end fixed set at any pitch and centre.  Used for vertical louvre panels or overhead louvre panels.

Selection of choice of Louvre blades

  • 70 mini, 90 mm Midi, 150 mm Midi 95 mm Bella Vista, 95 Bella Vista Heavy
  • Larger Blades
  • Airfoil Louvres 120 mm and 180 mm airfoils
  • Rectangular Louvres 125 mm and 180 mm Weatherboard, 150 mm Helena Bay

Hand adjustable louvre infills for your shutters – Kiss Pivot System

The KISS Pivot system is a hand operable louvre panel system that operates by the use of a double drive arms. The drive arms sit flush against the panel frame when the louvres are closed. A new feature of the KISS Pivot system includes a stylish, marine grade stainless steel locking pin we call the ‘slidelock’ that provides added strength and safety.

Selection from a choice of five Louvre blades compatible with the KISS Pivot System

  • 70 mini, 90 mm Midi, 150 mm Midi 95 mm Bella Vista, 95 Bella Vista Heavy