Pergolas of Distinction offers a range of high quality awnings and is a proud licensed dealer’s for Markilux, Gibus and Renson for Adelaide, South Australia. We provide the greatest range of European technology for your conservatory sun and weather protection.

Enjoy life in the conservatory even on the hottest of days. Your conservatory awning fitted above the glass or below reflects glaring sunlight, ultraviolet light as well as heat radiation and at the same time immerses your conservatory in natural daylight.

Fabric choices of the highest quality fabrics designed and manufactured to withstand the high wind speeds and extreme conditions of Australia weather. The choice of fabrics are very important with the extensive range in both colour and design to be aesthetically pleasing and suit the style of your home or hospitality area.

The conservatory awnings can be retrofitted to existing structures including conservatory, steel or bulk heads, with somfy automation for total control at a push of a button.

We offer a design, supply and installation service for all customers in South Australia.

Markilux 770 tracfix

Markilux 770 tracfix pergola

The clean and concise exterior awning for medium – sized conservatory areas with one single awning shading an area of up to 16 m2 in a stylish manner to enjoy the comfort of the conservatory.

Both this square awning for installation on the glass surface and it’s round counterpart the Markilux 870, are very quiet. Noise-reducing closing guides ensure the awning retracts quietly. Exceptionally compact at only 125 x 125 mm the square full cassette of the Markilux 770 fully protects the awning cover.

With a cassette height of only 130 mm in the round and 125 mm in the square version, the conservatory awning is particularly compact. The Markilux 770 fully protects the awning cover in the cassette, while the Markilux 870 harmoniously nestles against the conservatory and provides all-round protection to the retracted cover.

The tracfix system is a zip system used to hold the fabric into the lateral guide tracks. This eliminates any light-gap between the fabric and the tracks and gives the product a neat, closed look.

Two independently operating gas-pistons provide a permanently high fabric tension, this ensures a taut cover even in light wind.

All fabric covers from the current Markilux awning collection, includes the sunsilk, sunvas, and the visutex ranges.

Maximum Width 4.0 m
Maximum Projection 4.0 m

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Markilux 8800

Markilux 8800 pergola

The Markilux 8800 conservatory awning is an award-winning design, capable of covering areas up to 36 square metres. Powerful gas pistons ensure the cover stays taut no matter what, while an optional Tracfix system removes the gap between the cover and the guide track whereby the fabric is fully sealed within the track to ensure no water or light ingress.

Features and Benefits

• Rated for wind speeds up to 48 km/h
• Water resistant, dirt proof, non fading acrylic fabric with UPF 50+ sun protection
• 4 frame colours and hundreds of fabrics choices as standard
• Choice of electric or remote control operation
• Up to three “awning” fields can be coupled together
• Made to measure and manufactured in Germany
• Extended 5 year product and workmanship guarantee available
• All covers from the Markilux awning collection and includes the sunsilk, sunvas, and the visutex ranges.

Maximum width: 7.0 m
Maximum projection: 4.5 m.

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Markilux 879 - Underglass awning

Markilux 879 - Underglass awning

Spend the day outside in your own garden below a Markilux designer awning that promises the best protection from too much sun, and helps create your very own cosy outdoor area.

The cover is extended underneath the glass canopy so it is protected from dirt, wind and weather.

The Markilux under glass awnings impress with their compact enclosed cassettes that blend harmoniously into the glass canopy.

The ideal shade plus addition to the shading options for glass canopies – completely in line with the clear design approach of Markilux, it integrates into the front profile of the under glass awning.

A variety of lighting options are available to allow you to perfect the ambience in the evening.

All fabric covers from the current Markilux awning collection, includes the sunsilk, sunvas, and the visutex ranges.

Maximum Width: 6.0 m
Maximum Projection: 4.5 m

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Renson - Topfix

Renson Topfix Awning

This sun protection screen enables optimal management of the incoming sunlight in all horizontal and or inclined glazing for conservatory, verandahs and skylights.

The fabrics have a huge range of colours however the material is made of fiberglass – High wind, Serge Ferrari 92 or 96.

• Renson fiberglass – fiberglass threads with PVC coating, high wind rating 130 km/h
• Soltis Perform 92 – Maximum Thermal and Visual Performance
• Soltis Lounge 96 – Mirco perforated screen for fresher air

Topfix is a motor operated sun screen equipped with a revolutionary span system combined with the re-known Fixscreen technology, which includes the revolutionary clamping technology with our famous Fixscreen.

Due to the design it is possible to obtain an unparalleled tension of the fabric. This is due to the discrete design Topfix® is perfectly harmonised with your home.

Both systems allow the screen to roll up and down, depending on the required aesthetics. Complete blackout can also be realised with indoor and outdoor applications.

With Topfix® Max extremely large areas are possible with a single unit, up to 12 m2.

The option of linking or coupling units together, to increase the coverage

Maximum Width: 4.0 m
Maximum Projection: 3.0 m

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