The Med Open Fly is characterised by its unique and sophisticated design. The fabric is stretched and opened via a patented system of lateral pantographs which tension the two sides of fabric. The zig-zag design allows water to easy drain of the sides and the PVC material ensures heat and UV rays are kept out creating a cool, shaded area below.



Features & Benefits

  • Patented lateral pantograph system gives a unique ‘zig-zag’ appearance.
  • Provides UV, heat & weather protection.
  • Pantograph system ensures the fabric is tensioned & allows the roof to extend & retract.
  • Free-standing or leaning version available.
  • Gentle slope ensures water drainage from the side.
  • Constructed from exuded aluminium & stainless steel.
  • When retracted fabric is protected by a roof cover.
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Motorised (240v tubular motor) with remote control