Corradi’s Millenium Celeb Retractable Roof pergola surpasses the concept of outdoor living.

The modern contemporary design will make the Millenium Celeb a feature of any Adelaide (South Australian) home, outdoor space, or for bars, restaurants and cafes that want to protect outdoor areas from the sun and weather. While making the most of the integrated LED lighting and retractable gutter.

In 2018 Corradi released the Millenium Celeb to celebrate 10 years of success of our first and most famous product, the Pergotenda Millenium Retractable Roof Pergola.

The Corradi Millenium Celeb is only available in the sloping configuration with Taut Canvas.

The maximal dimensions of a single module of Pergotenda Millenium Celeb reach is 5.0 m to 6.85 m with integrated external lighting in the designed in the front pillars and upper runners, whilst the feature internal lighting is in the front and side beams.