The Impact is perfect Retractable Roof cover for every Pergola! The Corradi Impact is the drive system used for all of Corradi’s Pergotenda Systems.

Generally used in Adelaide Pubs and bars the Corradi Impact isn’t limited to hospitality!  With the right design the Corradi Impact can be used as a standalone system or retrofit into existing structures.

Impact is the water-resistant pergola cover patented by Corradi, consisting of an impermeable canvas called Eclissi that slides on special runners supported by aluminium tubes.

Not just a fabric, but a visual frame for your outdoor environment thanks to Corradi’s patented retractable folding canvas, adjustable with a mechanical movement.

The canvas can be configured to suit each specific need

Taut Canvas – the most practical configuration for sloped solutions but also available in flat versions.

Slack Canvas – the configuration that allows water drainage even without a slope.

Taut Canvas with spacers- continuous or alternate drainage one sided or two sided.

Slack trapezoidal canvas – for unilateral drainage and refined design.

The Corradi Impact provides a wall to wall solution to make your outdoor space complete all year round.